2019 ASDA Conference: Hands On Workshops

Hands-On Participation Workshops

Hands-On Participation Workshops

  R-1 Joyce Bassett D.D.S. - "Maximize Your Aesthetic Results through New Concepts in Preparation Design"

Do you ever wonder where to remove tooth structure when prepping a difficult case?  Is it difficult to obtain the final aesthetics because you removed too much tooth structure here and not enough tooth there?  Cutting edge preparation techniques that will simplify difficult space management cases will be presented, along with best options for managing short-term and long-term provisionalization for challenging cases. Participants will prepare an eight-unit space                                                                               management case and fabricate functional                                                                                 provisionals.

R-2 Howard S. Glazer D.D.S. - "I Have It...You Need It!"

This is a program about real dentistry for real people by a real dentist! See a potpourri of materials and techniques that will make your day at the office easier, more productive and fun! Topics include: Composites, Adhesives, Minimally Invasive & Bio-Active Materials & Techniques, Impression & Provisional Materials, Rotary Cutting Instruments, Lasers, Curing Lights, Patient Communication Tools, Cements and Implants.

R-3 Corky Willhite D.D.S.-Ultiate Esthetic Composite Restorations for Severe Wear"

This hands-on workshop will focus specifically on restoring severely worn teeth and is based on a layering technique that can be used for Class IV restorations and full composite veneers. Step-by-step instruction will include how to prep conservatively, avoid tooth show-thru, and provide the patient with a long-lasting restoration that can function as a natural tooth.  Learn how to create invisible margins in very visible portions of the tooth and solve demanding translucency and contourissues.                                                               

F-1 Delfin Barquero D.D.S. - "Mimicking Nature Bioactively"

The goal of restorative dentistry has been to use materials and methods that mimic nature and its response to disease.  New chemistries and techniques have been developed that complement nature as well as potentially produce better restorative outcomes.  Learn about and practice using these new dental materials.  Understand why there will be significant changes in our restorative protocols due to the incorporation of bioactive materials and techniques.

F-2 Linda Greenwell B.D.S., M. Sc.​ - "Resin Infiltration for Anterior Teeth:  Eradicating White Marks Simply.  Treatment Options for White Spot Removal"

Many patients have white spots, mottling and white marks on their teeth. These white markings on teeth can have an impact on children and adults. There is an increasing incidence of white markings on teeth.  Learn about the etiology of and proper evaluation of white spots.  Understand step-by-step methods to use resin infiltration to effectively remove simple and deeper lesions.

S-1 Chuck Maragos C.D.T. and Jenny Wohlburg-"MiYO The NEW Color and Glaze that is Taking the Monolithic World by Storm"

Monolithic zirconia crowns have become increasingly popular.  The aesthetics have dramatically improved with the introduction of high-translucent zirconia formulations.  Learn the techniques developed on how to apply the new MiYO's intrinsic special sauce uniquely formulated to replicate natures subtleties. Practice creating incisal translucency, mammelons, crack lines, halos and even gingival coloring all in a 0.1mm-0.2mm layer of glaze with the look of a hand                                                                             layered restoration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

S-2 Marty Zase D.M.D. - "Zero Sensitivity Bleaching"

Bleaching with zero sensitivity is possible.  The use of a special pre-whitener immediately before each bleaching application is the secret.  Contrary to what most dentists believe, the shape of the custom trays does matter.  We will go through all the steps for making effective trays and the protocols for doing bleaching with no sensitivity.  Learn how to develop bleaching methods to correct stubborn, resistant teeth.  Participants are asked to bring models of their own teeth.

S-3 Irwin Smigel Rising Stars Presentation- Damon Adams D.D.S. Moderator, Paola Ochoa D.D.S.-"Advanced Aesthetics Leveraged by Digital Marketing" Sarah Winter, D.M.D. - "The Importance of Temporization in Smile Design"

Extensive skill and training, a committed staff, and the latest technologies and materials are sometimes just not enough to grow the dental practice. The dentist must engage the community directly, becoming an active part of it.  Social media platforms present a great opportunity where advanced aesthetic dentistry meets the ultimate interactive visual platforms used by                                                                                other industries to achieve growth and success. 

The process of improving a smile can be rewarding for both the patient and the dentist when certain predictable steps are taken.  This course will focus on the treatment planning and diagnostics required for using ideal temporization as part of the smile design process. Learn how to use an intra-oral mockup and a smile design wax up for planning the case and increasing patient confidence in the dentist and the treatment plan.