2018 ASDA Conference: Hands On Workshops

Hands-On Participation Workshops

R-1 George Freedman D.D.S. - "Enhancing your Bottom Line with Science and Technology"

Innovative materials and technologies can make clinical dentistry better, faster, and easier.  Learn about printed restorations vs. CAD/CAM, single appointment, lab fabricated crowns and bridges, rapid TMJ splinting, new composites, 1- and 2-step posterior restorations, giomers, glass ionomers and the latest adhesives.  Observe predictable wet impressions, 1-step cements, high-powered curing lights, micro-abrasion and enhanced vision/illumination.  

R-2 Howard S. Glazer D.D.S. - "I Have It...You Need It!"

This is a program about real dentistry for real people by a real dentist! See a potpourri of materials and techniques that will make your day at the office easier, more productive and fun! Topics include: Composites, Adhesives, Minimally Invasive & Bio-Active Materials & Techniques, Impression & Provisional Materials, Rotary Cutting Instruments, Lasers, Curing Lights, Patient Communication Tools, Cements and implants.

R-3 Sargon Lazarof D.D.S. - "Using an Innovative Implant System to Replace Missing or Extracted Teeth to Immediate Full Function at the Time of Placement"

Patients are demanding replacement of extracted teeth at the time of surgery.  An innovative implant system has been developed to allow immediate placement and loading.  Learn from the inventor and developer of this system how to perform same day tooth replacement and restore a tooth to full function at the time of placement. Satisfy your patients who don't want to wait for months wearing uncomfortable temporaries before placing definitive restorations.

R-4 Amanda Seay D.D.S. - "Anterior Composite Artistry"

This hands-on workshop will illustrate the versatility of using composite to create an invisible Class IV restoration using a naturally shaded composite system.   It is important to understand the fundamentals of color and how to use different systems.  Topics to be covered include shade selection, material placement and finishing and polishing.  Participants will learn a systematic technique to achieve proper contour, form, texture and achieve a beautiful result.  Magnification loupes are suggested.

F-1 Gary Alex D.D.S. - "Zirconia, Bulk Fill Composites, Adhesives,  Pulp Capping and More! "

The successful placement of  restorations requires an understanding of the materials being utilized, the substrate being bonded to, and a logical and precise clinical protocol.  In this information-packed hands-on program attendees will utilize some of the latest and innovative products including a new bulk-fill composite, bioactive cement, novel light-cured resin modified MTA pulp-capping material, and a Universal Adhesive, that will make placing direct and in-direct restorations more predictable, and profitable.  

F-2 Fay Goldstep D.D.S. - "What in the World is Bioactivity and How Can I Use It?"

Bioactive dental materials are all the buzz.  What are they?  How can they be incorporated into the dental practice? Are they better? Is handling different? Are there technique changes needed? Can you really get healing and repair? All you need to know: remineralization, restoratives, cements—materials that actually heal and repair PLUS perio techniques that bio-stimulate and stop inflammation. We have the materials. We have the techniques. See them. Try them. The time has come.

F-3 Tyler Wynne D.D.S.  Irwin Smigel Rising Stars Presentation - "Coordinating the Use of Analog and Digital Smile Design Technology to Create Beautiful Smiles"

Dr. Smigel encouraged all to share their knowledge in aesthetic dentistry.  Members will be presenting hands-on presentations for the first time.  These are available at no cost to registered attendees.  We encourage you to take advantage of this unique programs.

Albert Ambriz, DDS, MDT-"A Systematic Approach to Achieving Your Aesthetic Results"

S-1 Viviane Haber D.D.S. - "Veneer Temporization:  A Simple Approach to Healthy Results"

This workshop will explore an easy and simple method to create veneer temporaries that will result in healthy tissues at the time of cementation.  Moreover, it will leave the patient with a true facsimile of the anticipated final result and not to forget the immediate gratification.  The participants will be able to create temporaries that will satisfy the patient’s desires and facilitate the communication process with the lab.

S-2 David Mazza D.D.S. - "FUN with Color and Shade Matching"

Have you ever had a challenge matching the shade of a single central incisor?  Practitioners must perceive the shade and physical/optical characteristics of natural dentition precisely in order to match restorations.  The science and principles of color, shade, light source requirements, environment, different shade guides utilization, electronic shade matching devices and maverick colors will be discussed. Understand and practice a predictable sequence of shade matching . 

S-3 Jeff Shapiro D.M.D. - "Effective Integration of Digital Workflow into Clinical Practice"

The inclusion of digital technology in practice is providing better clinical outcomes both for the patient and for the practitioner.  Digitally enabled workflow is offering dentists the opportunity to experience their profession in new ways by providing a more sophisticated, predictable approach to treatment planning.  This course will outline the 2D and 3D technologies available to enable the digital workflow, how to integrate them into your practice and how to combine them into producing a virtual digital patient.