2018 ASDA Conference Speakers

Featured Speakers

Galip Gürel D.D.S. - Irwin Smigel Keynote Speaker -" Personalized Aesthetic Smile Design: From Analog to Digital"

Patient awareness has created the demand for customized smile design according to the psychological needs and desires of each individual.  A "perfect" smile may not be pleasing to those who want a smile that expresses their personality.  The concept of “visagism -in 2D” and “REBEL -in 3D” may be helpful.to create smiles that appeal to the psychological needs and emotions of the patient. The use of 3D software can be a powerful tool to create a 3D wax up STL file for personalized smile design. The mock-up is invaluable so that the dentist and the patient can visualize the desired end result.

Gary Alex D.D.S. - "The Marriage of Aesthetics, Occlusion, and Comprehensive Dentistry"

We all strive to make pretty teeth, but we must also make teeth that actually last and function in harmony with the rest of the masticatory system.  An acceptable aesthetic result, without regard to function and/or parafunction, will often result in premature case failure.  A logical and systematic approach with practical understanding of fundamental occlusal principles regarding centric relation (CR), centric occlusion (CO), and maximum intercuspation (MIP) is required .  This program will stress the concept of comprehensive dentistry in order to provide predictable dentistry. 

Sandesh Mayekar M.D.S., M.S. -"Functional Smile Design"

The ever-increasing demand for natural looking restorations that enhance the appearance has led dentists to invest considerable effort in mastering dental aesthetics. It is one thing to make natural looking teeth and an entirely different thing to make pretty teeth that actually last and function in harmony with the rest of the masticatory system.  A reasonable predictable and durable end-result requires a logical and systematic methodology and a practical understanding of fundamental principles of occlusion while approaching aesthetic and cosmetic restorations.

David Sarver D.M.D., M.S. -"Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry: Mission Possible!"

For decades, dentistry has been evolving into a profession that is extremely multifaceted and varied in its approach to both smile and facial aesthetics. The coordination of macro-, mini-and micro-aesthetics offers a complete approach to aesthetic treatment planning. This presentation will present an expanded vision of aesthetic treatment designed to take attendees to another level of facial, smile, and dental aesthetic planning.

Thomas Dudney D.M.D. - "What’s a Dentist to Do?: Diagnosis, Treatment Options, and Rehabilitation of Difficult and Unusual Cases"

Sometimes the restorative dentist encounters clinical situations that are out of the ordinary and can be difficult to treatment plan. This lecture will explore treatment options utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach.  Results will be demonstrated along with helpful clinical tips on: material selection, how to determine incisal edge position, intra-oral composite mock-ups, opening bites, taking CR records, avoiding biologic width violations, fabricating and evaluating provisional restorations, multiple unit adhesive cementation, bonding to porcelain in the mouth, and fine tuning occlusal adjustments.