2017 ASDA Conference Speakers Please check back later

Dr Larry RosenthalDr. Larry Rosenthal

Irwin Smigel Keynote Lecture: "Aesthetic Dentistry …  Past, Present and Future: My Tribute to Dr. Irwin Smigel"

This program is dedicated to my mentor, my colleague and my dear friend Dr Irwin Smigel who pioneered aesthetic dentistry and changed the world.  He is the true legend for whom we are all indebted  We honor his dedication, determination and drive to make this world a better place.

This presentation will focus on what is considered essential from both a clinical and managerial approach to achieve success in your practice. Understanding patient expectations and eliminating problems is of paramount importance in sustaining a healthy dental environment.

You will learn the How to and the Why of how to treat patients today in 2017 using “The PROCESS”  

  • P. Predictable results
  • R. Realistic expectations
  • O. Office communication
  • C. Coordinated Dream Tea
  • E.  Experience 5-Star
  • S.  Successful Consult
  • S.  Seamless treatment protocol  

Dr. Alan JurimDr. Alan Jurim & Dr. Barbara Jurim

"Digital Workflow: The Narrowing Gap between the Digital Lab and the Digital Dental Office"

Digital workflows improve aesthetic case outcomes and the patient experience.  Learn the most predictable and efficient intra-oral scanning workflows.  Understand the benefits of incorporating 3-D printing in your office.  Incorporate digital implant planning into your practice and learn new techniques for providing immediate prostheses.  The future of dentistry is digital.  Be a part of the digital revolution.

Dr. Barry GoldenbergDr. Barry Goldenberg

"The Complete Arch Rehabilitation with Implants: When to Use Pink and When Not"

The edentulous population continues to grow domestically as well as globally.  Thanks to advances in technologies and techniques, dental professionals are able to predictably restore function, form and aesthetics. Conditions for each patient treatment option depend on a variety of factors.  One important factor is the available restorative space.  Will the protection of soft tissue appearance differ depending on having a greater or lesser amount of restorative space?  

Dr. Frank HigginbottomDr. Frank Higginbottom

"Implant Esthetics: Working the Transition Zone"

Proper evaluation and treatment in the "transition zone" is necessary for esthetic success.  The patient’s “Esthetic Risk” must be determined.  It is important to  have an acceptable site, place the implant correctly in all three dimensions, properly position the microgap, provide a stable abutment connection, and create an acceptable ceramic prosthesis.  The final restorative result will not be successful unless the transition zone is managed with a  provisional restoration with an appropriately contoured emergence profile.

Dr. Joyce BassettDr. Joyce Bassett

"Things That Go Wrong, Even When You Do Everything Right"

While materials are often considered the cause of clinical failures, more often the failure is a result of incomplete planning, decision making, and execution. When a clinical failure occurs, there is often conflict and blaming between the dentist, patient, and laboratory technician. Learn communication techniques that offer realistic patient expectations as well as a checklist for careful patient and laboratory communication. There are no unintended consequences, only situations that were not well thought out.

Dr. Robert MargeasDr. Robert Margeas

"Augmentation vs. Amputation"

In today's minimally invasive climate, treatment decisions may not always be easy.  Balancing the desire for conservative treatment with predictable, long lasting treatment may be challenging.   Learn how to treat the worn dentition conservatively and allow the patient to stage treatment over time.  Different treatment modalities will be shown in real time and the information can be incorporated immediately into your practice on Monday morning.