2023 Speakers and Workshop Presenters


Adamo Notarantonio, DDS, Amanda Seay, DDS

Irwin Smigel Keynote Speakers- "Achieving Aesthetic Excellence”

We are excited to hear from 2 of the most popular trending Aesthetic Dentistry speakers.  Just as Dr. Smigel was ahead of his time teaching new concepts, they present contemporary hands-on modular programs to young and old dentists alike.  They will demonstrate many new ways of motivating, marketing and achieving aesthetic excellence.  You will not want to miss this outstanding morning.

Matt Roberts, CDT, Mr Michael Roberts

“Digital Aesthetics: The Impact of Digital Design on Aesthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry”

Digital workflow is changing the way we approach reconstructive Aesthetic Dentistry today.  It offers many advantages over our previous analog systems, providing us with predictable treatment for our patients. With advanced CAD software, 3D printing and the newest milling machines, we have a formidable arsenal of tools to work with. This presentation will explore how we can use these new digital tools to predictably treat today’s patients who have demanding aesthetic and reconstructive needs.

Frank Celenza, DDS

“Ortho/Perio in the Aligner Age”

Historically certain orthodontic movements such as forced eruption, molar uprighting, embrasure management, root torqueing, and implant interactions were employed using fixed appliance mechanotherapy for their beneficial impact upon the periodontium.  Aligner therapy has developed to a level of sophistication that allows these movements to be accomplished utilizing removable aligner techniques.  This presentation will delineate the philosophy behind these movements, the periodontal benefit, and display clinical cases that illustrate these methods.

Oliver Pin-Harry, DDS, MS

“Integrating Digital Workflows from Single Tooth to Full Mouth Reconstructions: 2023 Perspective”

Digital Implant and Restorative workflows have expanded to include the whole spectrum of restorative treatments. The digital workflow combined with 3-D radiographic data, provides increased options and quicker treatment times while maintaining or exceeding the quality of a conventional approach. Learn how to achieve long-term bio-mechanical stability and biocompatibility with implants.  This lecture will help clinicians integrate digital technology into everyday practice to achieve precision, productivity, and ideal aesthetics.

Robert Ritter, DMD

“Digitized Conversion: A Journey into the Future of Presence and Acceptance”

Traditional methods of marketing are dying and have been supplanted by interactive digital communication.   How does one become ranked on the first page of Google?  How does a dentist gain interaction on social media sites?  What is conversion and how should you track and measure this critical data point for practice growth?  Learn how to use and leverage social media interaction to attract patients seeking high quality aesthetic dentistry.


Dr. Howard S. Glazer, DDS

“I Have It...You Need It!”

This is a program about real dentistry for real people by a real dentist! See a potpourri of materials and techniques that will make your day at the office easier, more productive and fun! Topics include: Composites, Adhesives, Minimally Invasive & Bio-Active Materials & Techniques, Impression & Provisional Materials, Rotary Cutting Instruments, Lasers, Curing Lights, Patient Communication Tools, Cements and Implants.

Dr. Marcos Vargas , DDS, MS

”Excellence in Anterior and Posterior Direct Resin Composites”

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!  Dr. Vargas will be presenting hands-on programs on 2-different afternoons.  The first day program will be techniques to successfully close anterior diastemas.   The second day will be a posterior composite course.  Don't miss the opportunity to learn directly from this Master.

Dr. John Comisi, DDS

“Using Bioactive Materials to Achieve Proactive Dental Care”

 The evidence is mounting that our current “passive” materials should instead be “bioactive”.  Practitioners must understand how to use these materials and why they are important in patient care. We will explore the remin-demin process of the oral cavity and caries progression.   Develop a better understanding of the current advancements in bioactive materials and how they can be incorporated into your dental practice to make you more productive and profitable. 

Dr. George Freedman, DDS

“Robotic Implant Surgery, 8th Generation Adhesion and Other Innovations in Post-Covid-19 Dent

So many new products are being introduced it can be challenging to be aware of them all.  8th-generation bonding and advanced polymerization improve our restorative techniques.  Anti-viral rinses and other materials can improve oral health maintenance.  Robotic implant surgery can improve predictability.  Our practices will change dramatically as a result of the Covid-19 virus.   Learn about new in-office procedures, increased use of distance learning and much more from these leaders in aesthetic dentistry. 

Dr. Michael Gelb, DDS, MS,Jeff Shapiro DDS, Martin Layne, DDS

“Airway Centric® Aesthetic Dentistry- Hands On”

Learn how to implement these new techniques and devices into your practice. This hands-on session will give you the opportunity to see up close how these appliances can help open the airway during the day and maintain an open airway during the night. Help improve the quality of life for your patients.  3-D printing of the device as well as methods of opening and growing the airway will demonstrated.

Irwin Smigel Rising Stars Presentation

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