2021 ASDA Conference: Hands On Workshops

Hands-On Participation Workshops

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R-1 Howard S. Glazer D.D.S.-"I Have It...You Need It!"

This is a program about real dentistry for real people by a real dentist! See a potpourri of materials and techniques that will make your day at the office easier, more productive and fun! Topics include: Composites, Adhesives, Minimally Invasive & Bio-Active Materials & Techniques, Impression & Provisional Materials, Rotary Cutting Instruments, Lasers, Curing Lights, Patient Communication Tools, Cements and Implants.

R-2 Elliot Mechanic D.D.S., Jenny Wohlberg-"Dentist, Lab and Materials....The Magic Combination!"

New technologies and materials allow dentists to create changes through creative smile design and the use of monolithic zirconia restorations. Learn how to achieve predictable consistent results and to understand the digital lab process.  Getting it right the first time without adjustments and remakes is what it is all about!  The presentation will describe teamwork, smile design, communication, technology and the use of  zirconia as today’s materials of choice.

R-3 Marcos Vargos D.D.S., M.S.-"Excellence in Anterior Direct Resin Composites"

Patient demands for aesthetic, conservative dentistry have created the need to produce imperceptible direct anterior restorations.  Modern resin composite materials have the potential to produce functional, long-lasting, personally rewarding, cost effective, predictable, and highly aesthetic direct anterior restorations in daily practice.  This lecture will discuss shade selection, cavity preparation design, resin composite manipulation, contouring, surface characterization, and polishing to predictably create highly aesthetic restorations.

F-1 George Freedman D.D.S. –"Robotic Implant Surgery, 8th Generation Adhesion and Other Innovations in Post-Covid-19 Dentistry"

So many new products are being introduced it can be challenging to be aware of them all.  8th-generation bonding and advanced polymerization improve our restorative techniques.  Anti-viral rinses and other materials can improve oral health maintenance,  Robotic implant surgery can improve predictability. Our practices will change dramatically as a result of the covid-19 virus.   Learn about new in-office procedures, increased use of distance learning and much more from this leader in aesthetic dentistry.

F-2 Marcos Vargos D.D.S., M.S.-"Excellence in Anterior Direct Resin Composites"

(a repeat of R-3-see above for description)

S-1 Michael Gelb D.D.S., M.S. "Airway Centric® Aesthetic Dentistry- Hands On"

You have heard about how facial aesthetics can be enhanced and airway issues addressed by our expert speaker.  Learn how to implement these new techniques and devices into your practice.  This hands-on session will give you the opportunity to see up close how these appliances can help open the airway during the day and maintain an open airway during the night. Help improve the quality of life for your patients.

S-2 Irwin Smigel Rising Stars Presentation- Celin Arce D.D.S., M.S.-"Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Treatment Planning in the Digital Era" Nikhil Bahuguna B.D.S., M.D.S.-"The Restorative Tri-Biology: Replicating Nature"

This presentation is review of current protocols and techniques required to perform a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Problem solving options and limitations that are common during the treatment of our patients will be presented.  Contemporary digital armamentarium available for the interdisciplinary team in order to optimize results will be highlighted.

Restorative dentistry has been ever evolving and dynamic from Dr.G.V. Black’s extension for prevention to the current philosophy of cutting for immunity.  Physiologic restorations should be backed by sound biologic concepts. The aim of rehabilitation must focus on the entire stomatognathic system rather than concentrating only promises of non breakable restorations.  We will discuss the technical aspects of restorative materials which provide us the triad of  BioMimetics, BioFunctionality and BioActivity.