2021 ASDA Conference Speakers

Featured Speakers

Gerard Chiche D.D.S. Irwin Smigel Keynote Speaker "Aesthetic Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Parameters for Longevity"

Simultaneous management of the most relevant aesthetic and risk factors in a step-by-step method is imperative to maximize the success of aesthetic full-mouth rehabilitations.  A long-term perspective on VDO decision making and the sequencing of full rehabilitations will be discussed.  The final ceramic materials decision should be selected on the basis of aesthetics rendition and strength properties according to the state of attrition, the severity of the malocclusion and the cause of tooth wear.  Learn from this master of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Mike Malone D.D.S. "21st Century Dentistry: Minimal Preparation=Maximum Longevity"

Developing systems for combining predictable restorative techniques with ideal aesthetic procedures insures long term success.  Learn how to use minimal preparation for maximum strength with all-ceramic adhesively-retained restorations.  This presentation will highlight systems which can achieve predictable excellence in aesthetic restorative procedures.  Gain a unique perspective from an experienced clinician who has been an active clinician for over 40 years and has observed what does and doesn't work.

Michael Gelb D.D.S., M.S. "Airway Centric® Aesthetic Dentistry"

Facial aesthetics can be enhanced when airway issues are addressed.  The patient's eyes become more open, skin colors improve and the lower face height can be restored with fuller lips.  Several appliances can be fabricated that open the airway during the day and maintain an open airway during the night while managing para-functional habits.  Learn how to detect signs of airway narrowing, score tongue size and recognize loss of lower third facial height.  Discover anti-inflammatory dentistry that improves patient health and wellness.

​Amanda Seay D.D.S.-"Composite Artistry Simplified"

Direct composite restorations are an integral part of any aesthetic dental practice. True artistry and skill are required to satisfy the demands of our patients. A practical discussion of color fundamentals and the versatility using a naturally shaded composite system to create Class IV restorations will presented.   Learn a simple and systematic approach to creating proper tooth anatomy, contour and texture and how to recreate incisal effects.

Robert Vogel  D.D.S. "State of the Art Materials & Techniques for Ideal Implant Aesthetics”

Implant materials and techniques continue to evolve and the aesthetic dentist must stay up to date on the latest developments.  Learn how to achieve long-term bio-mechanical stability and bio-compatibility with implants.  Incorporate realistic digital workflows into your practice.  This fast-paced scientific program will discuss the most recent components and techniques in implant prosthetics to achieve precision, productivity and ideal aesthetics.