Einstein Medical Sponsorship

Einstein Medical has been a proud sponsor of the American Society of Dental Aesthetics (ASDA) for more than a decade. As a frequent attendant at ASDA's prestigious conferences, we are happy to share our expertise with an organization committed to improving the dental community through collaboration and education.

History & Mission

Einstein Medical has been providing exceptional online marketing strategies to the dental community for nearly twenty years. We were founded on the vision that the Internet was about to revolutionize how the world connects, and that cosmetic dental and surgical procedures were about to soar in popularity. Einstein Medical foresaw the need to connect dentists and physicians with patients online, and knew that health professionals would need to improve their online marketing presence to grow their businesses. 

Innovative Online Marketing

At Einstein Medical, we strive to help our clients in a way that extends beyond the limited focus of simply increasing web presence. Instead, we craft individualized and comprehensive online marketing strategies to meet each of our client's needs. Our team of marketing experts, which includes designers, writers, video producers, consultants, project managers, and more, collaborates closely to determine how to best promote our clients online.

We carefully manage each step of every project, from conception to execution to ongoing customer service assistance. This ensures that our customers receive the exceptional outcomes they deserve. We want to use our expertise to help our dental and medical clients do more of what they love: helping their patients.

Our Ongoing Commitment

The goal of Einstein Medical has always been to increase business for medical professionals, and help prospective patients find reputable practices in their geographical area. We have kept this goal in mind while developing products to complement our award-winning websites. Einstein Medical boasts a wide range of services, including DocShop® directory listings. From search engine optimization (SEO) to video and call reporting, Einstein has continually expanded its product line to better serve its clients. In this way, we provide outstanding opportunities for prospective patients to locate our clients through various avenues on the Internet. Across the nation and around the world, Einstein Medical will continue to use proven expertise to expand the practices of experienced and reputable doctors and surgeons.